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Here are the Do’s and Dont’s for
Laser Hair Removal Aftercare.


Do Not…Have a HOT Bath or Shower within 48 hrs. Instead adjust the temperature to warm.

If you have blisters or reddening of the area refrain from hot baths or showers until these common side effects have subsided.

Do Not…Rub with a towel or washcloth, instead pat dry gently

After laser hair removal you should treat the area with a little more TLC. Wear loose clean clothing.

Do Not…Pick scabs or blisters.

After laser hair removal it is common to have scabs or blisters. Blisters provide a sterile covering to the area and should not be popped. If they are in an area that might get knocked you could cover loosely with a bandage to protect your skin. A scab is also common after laser and is important to the healing process. A scab prevents infection by keeping bacteria out. The underlying skin may remain red for a few days to several weeks

Do Not expose the skin to Sun, Sunbathe or use sunbeds.

Use a Factor 50 sunscreen in daylight and avoid any sun exposure on the treated area for at least one month.

Do Not apply Make-up, lotions or potions to area.

After your laser hair removal treatment, we apply Aloe Vera gel to the area treated. this is available to purchase from us. We advise applying this for the first few days as well as Factor 50 sunscreen if the area not covered with clothing. Do not apply make-up on the treated area until it is fully healed.

Do Not worry if…

You are bruised or swollen after laser hair removal. The skin around the treated area may appear to be bruised with a grey or purple colour.  The discoloration will fade over the next 7-12 days. Mild swelling, redness and tenderness can occur and will normally last for one week.

Do Keep the area clean and uncovered.

Don’t cover the area you have had laser hair removal on. You do not need to apply plasters or bandages to the area unless advised to do so by your laser practitioner.

Do Use Factor 50 sunscreen regularly on area treated.

After Laser hair removal it is common to experience both hyperpigmentation (Patches of darkened skin) or hypopigmentation (Patches of lightened skin) where you have had laser tattoo removal. This is less likely to happen if you follow correct aftercare, specifically avoiding the sun and protecting with Factor 50 sunscreen. In most cases hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation corrects itself over time.

Do wear loose clothing on affected area you have had laser hair removal treatment.

Wear loose comfortable clothing that will not itch, rub or catch. Lycra, tight denim or wool is not advised.

Do Massage the area in the weeks following laser hair removal.

Massage may help disperse the pigment once fully healed after treatment, your therapist will advise you on this.

Do get in touch with us if you have any concerns after your laser hair removal treatment.

We endeavour to reply to any enquiries within 24 hours. You can contact us by email hello@velocelaser.co.uk or by text 07802 620004
If the treatment area shows signs of infection :- profound redness, pus, swelling or tenderness, inform your doctor immediately.